Betstop: What You Need to Know about Bet Stop Australia

Bet stop – Australian Government Initiative Helps Online Casino Players Stay Safe

What is Betstop?

Betstop is a register introduced by the Australian Government to help elevate online gambling drawbacks for those in need. In its essence, bet stop Australia is a national register of self-inclusion from online casino and betting world.  Users who play but face the risk of addiction, or those who have already developed addiction, have the opportunity to register at Betstop. In addition, it is possible to nominate someone else, for instance, your loved one or a family member if you feel the need for more support while excluded.  Registration at bet stop Australia is easy and comes with no costs. After registration on Betstop, you can expect the following results:
  • No marketing or advertisement messages will be sent to your phone or email address;
  • You will not be able to play or place bets in online casinos;
  • You will not be able to open a new user account at any online casino;
  • Your existing accounts will be closed and your balance will be refunded.  
Bet stop Australia self-exclusion mechanism covers various devices used for online casino play:
  • PC desktop
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets 
Registration takes around 5 minutes. To self-exclude yourself by registering at Betstop, you will need:
  • A functioning mobile phone;
  • An email address with an operational inbox;
  • A driver’s license issued by the Federal Government of Australia/ Australian territory; or 
  • a Medicare Card
Bet stop Australia needs the above-listed to verify your identity and send relevant documentation to your personal email address/mobile phone.  In case you lack a working email address or phone, there still is a way to reach out to Betstop for registration. You will need to:
  • call bet stop Australia phone number (1800 238 786);
  • inquire about other identity verification options. 
Moreover, Betstop advises not to use a public computer for registration, as it entails the risk of your personal data compromises.

The Reasons Behind the Creation of Betstop Australia

Recent years have seen a tremendous increase in the numbers of online casino users. Global statistics encompasses Australia as well. According to Australian Government, over 73% of population has tried online gambling at least once in their lifetime. 

By 2030, the global gambling industry is projected to grow at the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 1.7%.  Grand View Research, a reputable market research and consulting company with impressive clientele (CNN, Forbes, the Guardian, Wired, BBC, Investopedia, Bloomberg, and others), found that the growth of online casino market stems from the advent of the Internet and mobile devices.      

The fact that anyone can access the online gambling world from the comfort of their homes, makes online casino, poker, slots, mini games, and racing just a click away. Be it a tablet, a smartphone, laptop, or a PC, the world of casino reaches each corner of the planet earth. Moreover, pundits and reputable outlets (e.g., USA Today or Miami Herald) constantly evaluate casino rankings. 

As much as gambling can be a source of joy and excitement, playing online casino or betting should be done responsibly. For that purpose, the concept of responsible gambling has been introduced by regulatory bodies and online casinos. Wikipedia defines the concept as a commitment to raise the awareness on possible pitfalls of gambling, while providing adequate assistance resources, including self-exclusion mechanisms for players.   

Bet Stop Australia Self-Exclusion Period

Players have the opportunity to choose Betstop self-exclusion period for themselves. There are several options at bet stop Australia:

  • minimum 3 months period of self-exclusion from online gambling;
  • 6 months self-exclusion;
  • 1-year self-exclusion;
  • Period of your choice but not less than 3 months;
  • Lifetime exclusion from online gambling. 

While the minimum period for self-exclusion via bet stop Australia is 3 months, concerned persons have an option to self-exclude themselves from online casinos for entire duration of their life. Additionally, those wishing to protect themselves from online gambling, should take into consideration the following factors:

  • Reducing self-exclusion period at Betstop is not possible;
  • Removing yourself from bet stop Australia self-exclusion register before date is not possible;
  • Self-exclusion period on bet stop Australia can be extended.  

Importantly, Betstop notifies the self-excluded persons when their period is about to end. Bet stop Australia asks players whether they wish to prolong the exclusion. If you decide to cease your presence in this national self-exclusion register (bet stop Australia), you will just need to make relevant statement. You will not be forced to prolong your self-exclusion period on Betstop. Services and participation in bet stop Australia are completely voluntary. 

However, if, with the passing of time, you notice that your gambling addition is kicking back in, and realize that you cannot cope with it alone, you can re-enter Bet stop Australia register. There is no restriction in terms of time. You can rejoin Betstop whenever you feel it is necessary. 

How to Register on Bet Stop Australia

As mentioned above, registration on Betstop is a hassle-free process. First and foremost, you will have to visit Bet stop Australia website. Here’s how the registration looks like:

  1. Open your Internet Browser;
  2. Type in the following address:
  3. On the Homepage, look for ‘Register Now’ Button;
  4.  Click ‘Register Now’ Button;
  5. You will be redirected to an info-page; 
  6. Scroll down and click on ‘Register Now’ Button again;
  7. Read Privacy Policy on the next webpage;
  8. Scroll down and click ‘I agree’ to accept Betstop Privacy Policy;
  9. On the next page choose your self-exclusion period;
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • Lifetime or
  • A different period
  1. Create your account on the next page by entering
  • Your valid email address; and
  • Your Password 
  • Password should include: minimum 10 characters, numbers or special characters, and upper and lowercase letters. 
  1. After clicking on ‘Create Account’ Button you will receive a confirmation email message;
  2. Follow the link in the email and enter your phone number to get a verification code;
  3. Enter the verification code received on your phone into relevant graph of Bestop page;
  4. Click ‘Next”
  5. Follow the instructions and complete your registration. 

Betstop: Empowering Individual Gamblers in Australia

Through its people-centered and empathetic approach, bet stop Australia has become a beacon of hope for- those who struggle with addiction. Moreover, the platform serves as a preventive mechanism for people who feel they might potentially face the risk of addiction but have not yet fully developed it. 

Betstop is a national initiative of the Austalian Government grounded in the industry best practices, international standards, and country-specific adjustments. The mix of human-centric and scientific approaches guarantee that bet stop Australia serves as a lifeline for the troubled gamblers. The comprehensive nature of the program helps players control their online gambling behavior, recover from addiction, and take back their lives.  

This national self-exclusion platform helps individuals with the opportunities of informed choice, extensive help resources, and simplified access. Enrolling at Betstop is a voluntary choice, respecting boundaries and free will of each person. However, players who suffer from gambling addiction, have the luxury of choosing additional support persons by nominating them on Bet stop Australia register. 

As with any other addiction, gambling problems cannot be soled in solitude. By choosing a friend or a family member, troubled gamblers can increase the chances of recovery. Chosen persons can also seek help on Betstop website on how to better aide the loved ones suffering from addiction.  Importantly, this arrangement is absolutely voluntary. 

In case you were nominated as a support person, Bet Stop Australia will reach out to you with the following info concerning the individual registered for self-exclusion:

  • Period of self-exclusion 
  • Attempts to extend self-exclusion
  • Self-exclusion deadline on Betstop 
  • Registered individual’s decision to remove you as their support person

Apart from Bet Stop Australia, local gamblers can use additional assistance with the help of various federal and state resources. Betsop website has a separate section: ‘Support Tools.’ Navigating to that section can help both gamblers and nominated support persons find assistance that best suits them in terms of proximity, accessibility, and characteristics. 

From Support Tool page, you can go to Gambling Help Online website or Gamblers Anonymous Website. Other support resources include:


A 24/7 national crisis support service (free) available via

  • Online chat
  • Text messages
  • Phone 

Reset App

A confidential and free application for gambling addiction help.

Whether you choose to register at Betstop, or seek help via other support options, your confidentiality and privacy is firmly guaranteed. Bet stop Australia can be a starting point in your journey of prevention or recovery from addiction. 

Bet Stop Australia: Building a Safer Online Gambling Community

Betstop has already had a lasting positive impact on individuals suffering from addiction. It also helped with the prevention of risky gambling habits among Australians. Players who frequent online casino can always count on Betstop as a remedy for potential drawbacks. The registry greatly contributes to the mitigation of undesirable consequences of online gambling at Federal, and State levels. 

This platform is a part of Australian Government’s comprehensive effort to ensure the safety of online casino users. Bet stop Australia collaborates with regulatory bodies, government agencies, gambling operators, and subject-matter experts. Engaging with key stakeholders of the industry made the platform accessible and effective. In result, the integrity of online gambling sphere and the well-being of individual persons fosters responsible gaming. 

To conclude, Bet Stop Australia makes a meaningful difference in the lives of gamblers. It empowers individuals to prevent addiction, or get back on track in case they already developed one. Responsible gambling cannot be achieved through just individual action. It requires an all-inclusive approach to the problem. A safer and healthier gambling environment for Australians greatly depends on this self-exclusion register. 


  1. What is Betstop? 

   – Betstop is the Givernment register aiming to help with the risk of addiction or support those who already experience it. 

  1. How does Betstop work? 

   – Betstop allows users to self-exclude themselves from online casinos and betting platforms. The self-exclusion covers various devices (phone, tablet, PC, laptop) and prevents individuals from accessing online gambling services for a chosen period.

  1. Who can register at Betstop? 

   – Any individual in Australia who feels that their gambling habits might turn into an addiction; any individual who is actually suffering from addiction. 

  1. What are the benefits of registering at Betstop? 

   – Registration prevents players from placing bets, opening a new account at a different gambling platform. In addition, users will not be receiving marketing and advertising messages from casinos.

  1. How long does the registration process take? 

   –  Approximately, 5 minutes. You will need a functioning mobile phone, an email address, an identification documents (driver’s license or Medicard). 

  1. What devices does Betstop cover for self-exclusion? 
  • PC
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops


  1. Can I register at Betstop without an email address or phone number? 

   – You can call 1800 238 786 and ask about alternative registration options. 

  1. How long can I self-exclude myself from online gambling through Betstop? 

   – The minimum self-exclusion period is 3 months. You can choose to self-exclude yourself for 6 months, 1 year, a period of your choice and for a lifetime. Reding the chosen self-exclusion period is not possible; however, you can prolong it if you wish. 

  1. Can I remove myself from the Betstop self-exclusion register before the chosen period ends? 

   – No! You cannot do that, but you can choose to prolong the self-exclusion period. 

  1. Is participation in Betstop voluntary? 

    – Absolutely! Only you can decide to self-exclude yourself.

  1. Are there any additional support resources?

Yes! You can consult Gambling Help Online website or Gamblers Anonymous Website. Alternatively, you can use a national crisis support service (online chat, phone), or a special application – Reset App.

  1. Can I ask a friend or a family member to support me?

Yes! Betstop allows you to nominate your support person that will help you through your journey of recovery. 

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