Privacy policy

As soon as you use, you grant us permission to use or employ your private information and data. That being said, in no way do we abuse this power as we respect your privacy and take all the necessary actions required to safeguard users’ private data. Our servers do not save your information. There are third-party applications and data stores that are employed to store private information for the sake of predictive profiling and providing a personalized experience for our users in the future.

The Data We Collect

There are two types of data that we collect; firstly, unidentified or non-identifiable data, and secondly, personal data. The former refers to the data we gather from the browser or operating system you are using, the access time or language, and so on and so forth. The latter refers to demographic information that gives a user his or her identity. This kind of information becomes available to us when you subscribe to our newsletters, fill up enrollment/ sign-up forms on our website and receive auto-mailers via email or perhaps when you post any content with your mail id and name. Other parameters such as your IP address, browser type, and version, time zone, etc. provide us with specific connection details or technical information. Your website usage data also grant us access to your personal data.

How We Protect Your Data

There is no need for you to worry about your data falling prey to unauthorized access or getting lost. We have established the required security measures to prevent such misdemeanors from taking place. Our in-house web security team takes dedicated care of implementing the highest level of security controls.

How We Use the Collected Data

There is no way we will use your personal data illegally. Primarily, two circumstances ask for such actions:

  • To prevent the overriding of our legitimate interest and your interests with fundamental rights.
  • When we have your consent for processing your private data on a legal basis.

The information we gather is mainly put to use in order to improve the end-user experience or the site content. It might also be used to optimize the company’s marketing activities. The data might also help detect and avert fraudulent activities. Your data will only be distributed or sold to third parties when we have your consent or when the law demands it.

How the Data Was Collected

When you navigate our site, various information about your site visits, referrals, and URLs are collected. Likewise, we gather data from your service provider when you use your mobile phones. We use several methods to collect data about and from you such as direct interactions, wherein, you create an account on our website, subscribe to our publications and services, send private texts, apply for marketing letters to be sent to you, participate in a competition, survey or promotion and provide us some feedback. Secondly, through automated technologies or interactions where we gather technical data from your interactions with our website. Finally, we can also collect data through third parties or sources available publicly like analytics and technology providers or search information providers.


This website uses cookies which you can accept or decline as per your preference. A cookie is basically a small text file that contains an identification number that is transmitted from the website to your computer or mobile device hardware. Every time your browser accesses our website, the unique number will identify it thus distinguishing you from the fellow users of the website. Do not worry, since the number neither recognizes the punter nor has any access to information about you or your computer or mobile phone. With the help of cookies, websites can not only provide better website services to the users but also identify the pages in use and monitor the pages that might be useful to you. Cookies can be of three types, namely, strictly necessary cookies, analytical/performance cookies, and functionality cookies.

Disabling cookies might hold you back from using the features or services of a website to the fullest. Furthermore, third parties might as well use cookies over which we exercise no control whatsoever.

Underage Protection

Our services are reserved for adults only. Therefore, visitors below the age of 18 or those who are not identified as adults by the law are barred from using our site and its services and delivering to us any sort of personal information. In case, we happen to come across any stored personal data of an individual below the legal age during verification, we reserve the right to delete it and reject you by following our internal processes owing to your data protection rights.

If you are suspicious of any minor sharing their personal data with us, please make sure to notify us.

Possible Privacy Policy Updates

If there happen to be any changes made in the privacy policies, we will notify you by all available means about any modulations made. Nevertheless, you by default agree and accept the changes made if you continue to use our site.

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